Toolkit Structure:
Job Definition Overview
Concise statement of each role.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Principal areas of responsibility and frequency
Key Performance Indicators
Measurement method for job effectiveness
Main Job Requirements
Qualifications and experience standard.
Required Skills and Competences
Essential competencies that the job requires


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We are often asked the same questions by different people with respect to the ITSM Job Description kit, and other related matters. Hopefully the following questions and answers will be of use:

1. How was the toolkit constructed?

The toolkit is a result of literally hundreds of hours in preparation. Our experienced Human Resource managers combined with a team of Service Management professionals to bring you this comprehensive solution. Each description follows a similar structure to ensure consistency across the organization.

2. How do I use the toolkit?

Once you have downloaded the kit you can save the files, modify them for your own use and apply your own "look and feel" to each file. The descriptions are comprehensive, which means very little customization for your own situation. NOTE: each description is provided in a fully editable Word document.

3. Why is the price of the toolkit so cheap?

By selling the toolkit online, our overheads are low. Also, due to the high volume of sales, margins can be reduced. Finally, our ethos is always one of 'good value for the customer'.

4. What happens when I have purchased the toolkit?

You will usually be presented with download details on completion. These are also sent to you by email. If your credit card company requires a manual check, the download details will be sent as soon as this is complete.

5. How do I download the toolkit?

Simply click on the link provided. Your browser will then invite you to save the file on your PC. It is as simple as that.

A Guarantee

Finally, we guarantee that this website accurately describes the contents of the course. We pride ourselves on this fact, which is why most of the pages contain genuine extracts from the deliverable.

Obtaining the Toolkit

This could hardly be more straight forward. Simply purchase the toolkit via our secure server, and then download it to your PC. You can be reading the job descriptions within seconds.

To obtain the toolkit now, simply visit our PURCHASE PAGE